Gallery of Past Projects


Our crane steadily planted while cutting down sections of a tree.


Using our 104ft crane to carefully cut down a massive tree, section by section.


Tree removal, crane services and a chipper!

Trim Back Tree With Overgrown Branches

Large tree removal with crane .

Chipping and Hauling Tree Service

Our heavy-duty chipper


Crane Tree Removal Services


We also offer lot clearing and excavation services!


Clearing a lot for a customer who wanted a change in landscape.


Call Steve's Tree's for heavy duty lot clearing services.


Grinding down a huge stump.


Compairing one of our chainsaws to a massive tree stump


Emergency storm cleanup for a massive tree that fell during strong wind.

Tree Removal with a Crane

Hard to reach tree removal using our 104 ft crane

Tree removal services

One of our climbers getting a ride up using our crane!

Firewood Services

Need firewood? Call Steve to get some delivered today!

Climber trimming tree

Our climber about 65 ft up removing tree limbs

Storm Clean Up

Call Steve for 24/7 Emergency storm clean up services!

Large Tree Removal Service Toledo

Steve next to a large tree recently taken down.

Hauling Tree Wood

Loading and hauling away logs from a recently cut down tree.

Hard to reach Tree Removal

Hard to reach tree removal


Views from the top of our crane.

Tree Cutters in Toeldo

Using our crane for emergancy tree removal after a storm

Tree Removal Climbing

Cutting back overgrown branches.

Hauling Wood - Large Tree Removal

Hauling away sections of a massive tree

Difficult Tree Removal Service

Steve standing next to a massive tree we look down last summer!

Hard to reach tree removal service

Using our crane to trim some Toledo area trees

Emergency tree removal services

We offer 24/7 emergency storm clean up services

Steve climbing and tree trimming

Steve climbing up a hard to reach tree and removing limbs by hand

Massive tree removal services

Using our crane to lower large peices of wood


Lowering down sections of a tree using our crane


Christmas came early this year! Our crane holding up a massive evergreen after removal


Call Steve for crane tree removal services!

Heavy-duty tree removal service

We are proud of our top-of-the-line equipment. We can handel any tree care need you may have!

Professional tree removal team

A few guys from our tree removal team

Hard to reach tree removal service

No matter where your tree is located, we can get the job done right!


We cleanup, haul and chip all sections after tree removal


We also offer lot clearing and excavation services!


Removing tree's in snow or shine!


Very hard to reach tree removal using our heavy-duty crane

Chipping and hauling tree services

Using our heavy-duty wood chipper before we haul it all away.